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It wasn't planned that I would go to yet another Amo-gig in this autumn; but right after the gig in Lahti I found out that there actually will be another hometown-gig  during this year. Or rather it was the gig in the "countryside" than in the town centrum itself, if that's accurate. Anyway, it was an unexpected but obviously a positive surprise, and a rare kind of chance as well...
So the typically dark and cold November evening got a completely different mood, while listening to music of uplifting kind (Suede and David Bowie in my case) and going to see a live music perform's energy.

Mari's Coffee was already a familiar venue to me, since my friends have played there as well - that's how I knew that it could be very intimate setting especially for band like Amorphis is and got curious because of that. After all it's quite small place, kind of mix of restaurant / cafeteria, bar and gig site. It was going to be an interesting gig due to all these aspects.
And I wasn't wrong after all. This one the most intimate gig from this band that I have seen so far, having figuratively ”playing in a livingroom”-feeling, so the atmosphere was certainly tangible. Must even say that witnessing some of my favourites (Brother Moon, Drowned Maid, Weeper On the Shore, From the Heaven of My Heart) in this kind of setting will be among my most memoriable gig experiences.

The audience seemed to be full of energy as well, but I don't think it's wonder as Amorphis doesn't visit in this corner of country that often after all! Can't say the exact number of the people there, but at least hundred anyway. People could stand right next to the stage - even though the stage was really low, there wasn't a barrier like usually. And there was seemingly a low ceiling as well; when Tomi rose to his platform and uplifted the microphone in his hand, he hit it to a spotlight in the ceiling...

So the gig itself was enjoyable also for the set list. This time there were no acoustic guitars though, but they still played that new arrangement of My Kantele. Since they didn't play Drowned Maid in Lahti's gig month ago, I was glad that it was included in the set this time.  
Yet it was pity that Tomi K seemed to have some technical problems with his instrument, now and then he had to run away from the stage with the guitar. Nevertheless the sympathetic rhythm guitarist seemed to be in good mood and was smiling a lot, as usual, and after House of Sleep he even shook hands with people close to the stage (I managed as well, though honestly it was more like a quick slap than decent handshake, heh).

Great evening indeed.

Set list (not in particular order)

Circle (Shades of Grey)-intro

Hopeless Days
Silver Bride
Narrow Path
The Smoke
Brother Moon
Drowned Maid
Weeper On the Shore
Weaving the Incantation
Black Winter Day
Sky Is Mine
Silent Waters
My Kantele
From the Heaven of My Heart
The Wanderer
House of Sleep



Artist | Varied
A girl from cold and dark north. I like to roam in the nature with camera and enjoy it's reassuring effect, but then again I also believe that music is meant to be played loud and enjoy frequently live music as well.

I have been interested in painting since a child and camera came along in age of ten years; today these above-mentioned forms of art are equally important.
Nature has always been a close element to me, so it is one of my main sources for inspiration, while I'm also inspired by old myths related to nature and the fauna. I want to create sort of mystical atmosphere in my visual arts, so due to that mythology is an excellent source for inspiration. Music is as important source, of course. Also human mind and different feelings, as well as visuality and imagination.
I paint mainly with acrylics on canvas and I like to do really detailed works.

Birthday: 21st October
Horoscope: Libra
Interests & hobbies: nature and animals, music (bands, gigs and collecting CDs), art (visual arts, photography, writing), Finnish mythology and folklore, travelling, life...


Band / music style: Amorphis (Finnish metal band with influences from progressive rock and folk music).
I like also Rush, Pink Floyd (two progressive rock bands), Kate Bush and Indica (Finnish band that plays some kind of poprock) a lot. In addition I listen to rock music in general, Finnish folk music bands, etc.
Animal: whooper swan, wolf, dogs, crane, fox
Season: the current one, as every season is inspiring in a way or another. But especially late spring.
Food: oriental-flavoured ones
Drink: strawberry juice, tea / beer, White Russian
Colour: violet
Visual artist: Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Pirkko-Liisa Surojegin, Eero Järnefelt, Alphonse Mucha and Travis Smith at least. There are many talented artists in dA too, but she is one of my favourites -
Photographer: various wildlife- and music photographers


My music blog "Mystic Rhythms" (in Finnish though) (another account for my works)

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