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Yes, again saw an Amorphis-gig, but this time it felt rather different. There were changes and even surprises on the setlist, besides this gig happened to be close to my birthday, so why not to celebrate it with live music perform as well.

When I found out that they are going to do an autumn tour in Finland, at first I was thinking that I don't bother to see a gig this time, as the latest couple of gigs where I have been at, were lacking "that something". I'm not saying that they weren't good gigs but they did suffer of the same generic set list and song choices. However there was an exception as well, as one of my dreams came true; in April they did come to my hometown, at last! This gig in a small rock bar felt quite a special one to me, due to such a rare chance and intimate atmosphere (which was due to a small venue, the capacity of this rock bar is about 300 persons) - besides I finally managed to be in the photo with Tomi K as well.
Yet I have to admit that it was pity that I missed their special gig in Savonlinna last July, where they played Eclipse in it's entirety and also some other rarities. It was mainly due to money- and time issues, in July I rather went to Ruisrock festival for the first time in my life and payed that ticket price.

This time the gig started with Hopeless Days. Next ones were Silver Bride, Narrow Path and The Smoke - so it was pretty much normal kind of beginning for an Amorphis-gig. Yet Esa played quite a atmospheric Pink Floyd-ish guitar part as an intro for The Smoke. But when it comes to guitar playing style, Esa actually could be kind of Finnish counterpart for David Gilmour, with a little heavy twist though.
Then it's always a moment of joy, when my all-time favourite Amo-song is played live (and that certainly doesn't happen every time). But this time Brother Moon sounded even better than before, since Esa played the intro with authentic acoustic guitar and also Tomi's vocals sounded great on this one.

From Tales from the Thousand Lakes Black Winter Day was included on the set, even though I would have prefer Drowned Maid over it. But Black Winter Day is not a bad choice either, after all it's one of these Amo-classics; and fitting for the current season.
Then it's always a good thing when something from Elegy is played - there was Against Widows, but something more surprising from the same album was coming up after it. Weeper on the Shore is a song that they have never played during the time when Tomi Joutsen has been the frontman, so it was a true rarity on the set. Rarity indeed - when Sande started to play the keyboard intro, some drunken man in the audience was wondering aloud; "what song is this one?". I have always liked this song a lot, so it was really interesting to hear how it would sound with Tomi's vocals. Pasi Koskinen's voice on the original version is one reason why this song sounds like it sounds, but I must say that also this version with Tomi was magnificent in it's own way!

This band seems usually cheerful, but to me it seemed like this time they were in even more joyful mood. At least the sympathetic guitarists Tomi K and Esa were grinning to each other almost constantly, and so was Sande as well behind his keyboards. Well, Tomi K seemed the most joyful of them all, being all smiles during the whole gig - I think that he made a little smile even at me. Though behind the drum kit Snoopy was looking rather serious like Neil Peart at least, hehe.

It was nice to hear also Silent Waters for a long time, same with Weaving the Incantation and Majestic Beast.
But before encore it was turn of quite a moving moment, as this time they played a new, different arrangement of My Kantele. It was kind of mixture of all the three versions; original electric version from Elegy, acoustic reprise, and re-recorded version with Tomi's vocals from Magic and Mayhem-collection album. Esa and Tomi K were playing acoustic guitars, while Tomi was singing beautiful clean vocals. Little by little the perform started to grow "flesh on the bones"; drums came along and eventually electric guitars, with the last verse of growled vocals, and then the song was finished with a melodic guitar solo. Impressive arrangement, if you ask me. 

Encore started with Skyforger-intro, and after it there was another moving moment. I have always loved also From the Heaven of My Heart, because at the same time it's intriguingly delicate and beautiful yet powerful song. So it was great to hear the live version after a long time, besides Sande and Esa played the full intro with keyboards and guitar.
Next one was The Wanderer and the last song was - not so surprisingly - House of Sleep. So the gig was finished, but to me this was the best Amo-gig during the latest two years, due to the changes and surprises in the set and the overall feeling during the gig. Somehow the entire atmosphere took a grasp of me, reminding me of the feelings that I had when I was recently discovered the band and saw my first gigs six years ago. And it was great to realize that sometimes those feelings of novelty can be back.

Set list (not in particular order)

Circle (Shades of Grey)-intro
Hopeless Days
Silver Bride
Narrow Path
The Smoke
Brother Moon (with acoustic intro)
Against Widows
Weeper On the Shore
Black Winter Day
Weaving the Incantation
Majestic Beast
Silent Waters
My Kantele (a new arrangement)
From the Heaven of My Heart (full intro)
The Wanderer
House of Sleep



Artist | Varied
A girl from cold and dark north. I like to roam in the nature with camera and enjoy it's reassuring effect, but then again I also believe that music is meant to be played loud and enjoy frequently live music as well.

I have been interested in painting since a child and camera came along in age of ten years; today these above-mentioned forms of art are equally important.
Nature has always been a close element to me, so it is one of my main sources for inspiration, while I'm also inspired by old myths related to nature and the fauna. I want to create sort of mystical atmosphere in my visual arts, so due to that mythology is an excellent source for inspiration. Music is as important source, of course. Also human mind and different feelings, as well as visuality and imagination.
I paint mainly with acrylics on canvas and I like to do really detailed works.

Birthday: 21st October
Horoscope: Libra
Interests & hobbies: nature and animals, music (bands, gigs and collecting CDs), art (visual arts, photography, writing), Finnish mythology and folklore, travelling, life...
Life philosophy: Be true to yourself (you can't please everyone anyway) and the right people will like you.


Band / music style: Amorphis (Finnish metal band with influences from progressive rock and folk music).
After all I have quite a varied music taste;
I like also Rush, Pink Floyd (two progressive rock bands), Kate Bush and Indica (Finnish band that plays some kind of poprock) a lot. In addition I listen to rock music in general, Finnish folk music bands, etc.
Animal: whooper swan, wolf, dogs, crane, fox
Season: the current one, as every season is inspiring in a way or another. But especially late spring.
Food: oriental-flavoured ones
Drink: strawberry juice, tea / beer, White Russian
Colour: violet
Visual artist: Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Pirkko-Liisa Surojegin, Eero Järnefelt, Alphonse Mucha and Travis Smith at least. There are many talented artists in dA too, but she is one of my favourites -
Photographer: various wildlife- and music photographers (another account for my works)
Tumblr account

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